22 Jan 2024

Fruit and Vege Report with Glenn Forsyth

From First Up, 5:23 am on 22 January 2024

Time now for the first Fruit and Vege segment of the year. Joining Nathan Rarere is Glenn Forsyth. And try this salad recipe using three lines of veges in good supply this week: Salad Ingredients: Cous Cous Cauliflower Corn Cumcumber Squeeze of Lemon PEPPER & me Brand Salt Flakes PEPPER & me Brand Hot nuts Method: Fry off chopped cauliflower in pan with any olive oil, add 'PEPPER & me Man Grind Salt Fakes' Cook corn in husks on BBQ, slice off corn kernels, dice cucumber. Cook cous cous, mix all together and add 'PEPPER & me Hot Nuts' Squeeze of lemon Enjoy!