20 Nov 2023

'Believe it or Not' pub quiz celebrates 25 years

From First Up, 5:47 am on 20 November 2023

The good ol' pub quiz team. An Avengers-like squad melded together by a collection of retained trivia.

There's the 'historian', the 'sports guy', the 'been to Europe' one, the 'watched every movie ever' one, the 'one who can tell Bronte sisters apart'.

The pub quiz has become a mainstay in weeknight hospitality around the country, filling establishments with teams crowded around 'slightly too small' round tables on what might otherwise be a quiet night.

Believe it or Not is the biggest name in the game when it comes to pub quizzes in New Zealand, producing over 250 quizzes annually to around 350 venues nationwide.

Our reporter Leonard Powell, the 'sports guy at pub quizzes', went to meet the team at Believe it or Not on their 25th birthday to find out what makes a good quiz.