4 Aug 2023

RNZ farewells longtime AK manager, producer Paul Bushnell

From First Up, 5:49 am on 4 August 2023

Today we bid farewell to one of RNZ's goodsorts.. . Paul Bushnell left his job as a drama teacher at Linwood College in Christchurch to come here almost 30 years ago. Since then he's been a producer and presenter on RNZ Concert and a producer, Executive Producer and member of the RNZ Executive. But since 2014 Paul's been a stalwart here in the Auckland office. He's fed us, cleaned up after us, ensured we park in the right spot, sent us care packs during the pandemic and Hired a Hubby when the roof leaks in storms and it's raining inside. But today he leaves us on his 65th birthday.. We'll hear from the man himself in a moment.. but first here's Jim, Wallace, Charlotte and Lisa.. But it is happening!!