30 Mar 2023

Sepuloni: further details on Stuart Nash's email saga

From First Up, 5:49 am on 30 March 2023

There was another twist to the Stuart Nash saga yesterday, with the revelation that an email which led to his sacking had come to the attention of the former Prime Minister's Office back in 2021. Mr Nash was stripped of all his ministerial portfolios on Tuesday after it emerged that an email containing confidential information had been sent to businessmen who'd given him with political donations. Chris Hipkins revealed yesterday that the former Prime Minister's Office was made aware of that email in 2021, after an unspecified request was made to view official government documents. However, Mr Hipkins said neither then-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, nor her chief of staff, were alerted to the email's existence. Joining Peter McIlwaine is the Deputy Prime Minister, Carmel Sepuloni