13 Jul 2022

Space the final Frontier:James Parr on first images from JWST

From First Up, 5:32 am on 13 July 2022

If you've ever been interested in the origins of, now is a great time to be alive, as the world's most powerful telescope, the James Webb, shows us lightbeams from billions of years ago -- and in full colour. Pictures released yesterday and today show many wonders, including a snapshot of a galaxy cluster called SMACS 0723, it's the deepest image we've ever had of the universe. Here's what President Joe Biden said at the unveiling of the first picture: But don't get too excited yet... this slice of the universe that we can now look at, covers a patch of sky approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm's length. Joining Nathan Rarere is James Parr from the Open Space Agency.