19 Nov 2021

Teachers tell us why they got the vaccine

From First Up, 5:51 am on 19 November 2021

The compulsory vaccination mandate for educators has been a hot news topic this week We've heard stories from teachers and ECE staff who have refused the mandate and consequently have decided to leave their jobs - as is their right, but it's a huge blow to many schools and of course their former colleagues. We've heard less from the VAST majority of teachers who accept how important it is that they have maximum protection against a deadly virus. So our producer Ellie Jay hit the phones to get some of their views. First up it's Amelie Morris, who's an ECE teacher at Pukeko Preschool Treehouse in Hamilton. Vanna Blucher is a Special Educational Needs Coordinator for Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Ngahuia Lott is the Deputy Principal at Aorere College in South Auckland. Tricia Lawrence is a social sciences teacher at Whakatane High school.