19 Oct 2021

Pasifika Covid survivor: Delta is no joke, get vaccinated

From First Up, 5:41 am on 19 October 2021

A Pasifika business leader who survived Covid-19 has put work to one side in order to get people vaccinated. Tuala Tagaloa Tusani and his partner Fionna both thought they were going to die from the virus in MIQ and were rushed to hospital despite both having had one shot of the vaccine. The couple's children also got Covid, so they want to share their story as widely as possible in the hope that those who might still be vaccine hesitant know the risks that they're putting themselves and their family at. On Super Saturday they were busting dance moves, waving Samoan flags and spreading the word. But the Tusani's personal vaxathon is far from over. Our producer Matthew Theunissen caught up with Tuala at a pop-up vaccination centre in Manukau where he was continuing his vaccination crusade.