10 May 2021

New technology involving radio waves could help locate MH370

From First Up, 5:12 am on 10 May 2021

An aviation expert believes new technology that detects disturbance in radio waves could find the final resting place of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Weak Signal Propagation or WSPR is employed in a new research paper by aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey on the 2014 disappearance of the flight, which had 239 people on board. It leads him to conclude that MH370 made several sharp turns to avoid detection before crashing into the Indian Ocean west of Perth, Australia. Geoffrey Thomas is editor in chief of AirlineRatings.com and has been investigating what happened to MH370 since it disappeared on the 8th of March, 2014. He told our producer Matthew Theunissen that he believes the research is the most significant development in the search for the aeroplane since the first piece of wreckage was discovered on Reunion Island in 2015.