10 May 2021

Calls for repatriation flights to bring NZers home from India

From First Up, 5:47 am on 10 May 2021

Calls for repatriation flights from India are growing as kiwis stuck there become desperate and scared. In the past day India has recorded more than 403-thousand new cases and over 4-thousand deaths taking the overall death toll to 242-thousand. New Zealand citizen Manish travelled to India in February to look after a family member who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. And although the travel ban for New Zealand citizens ended at the end of April he hasn't been able to get home due to the lack of commerical flights. He told our reporter Ella Stewart he's started a petition to parliament urging the government to step in and help. ** Anoushka Maharaj has family friends stuck in India who went over to visit a dying family member in January. They were set to come back but then the travel ban came into place. They're now stuck in India and to make matters worse, both have contracted Covid-19. They now also can't afford any of the flights back to New Zealand. Anoushka told Ella Stewart it's a heartbreaking situation.