7 May 2021

Middle-aged Stand Up: Jo Ghastly tours The Cool Mum show

From First Up, 5:15 am on 7 May 2021

There's a "Cool Mum" on the comedy scene in Christchurch - award winner Jo Ghastly presents what could be best described as a motivational seminar, engaging the audience in her parenting challenges and observations in life. By day "Jo Ghastly" is Joanna Prendergast, a private psychiatrist and at the age of 48, the performer in her was encouraged to give stand up comedy a go. Her show last year in the Comedy Festival was cancelled due to Covid so she used lockdown to write her one hour debut solo show "The Cool Mum" which she's touring, Our producer Katrina Batten asked Joanna about how she got into stand up.