6 May 2021

South Australia RSPCA chasing puppy farmer now in NZ

From First Up, 5:10 am on 6 May 2021

South Australia's RSPCA is working the SPCA here to track down a prolific puppy farmer who fled here late last year to avoid a court appearance. Animal breeder Dora Ryan was found guilty of 33 charges relating to the mistreatment of 27 dogs and five horses she kept on a property at Baroota, north of Adelaide. She was due to appear in court last November but is understood to have fled to New Zealand with a large number of animals. An arrest warrant for her remains in place. The charges Ryan faces relate to animals which were found to have been denied veterinary care, were living in poor conditions and suffering from malnourishment. Our reporter Ella Stewart spoke with South Australia's RSPCA spokesperson Carolyn Jones about the ongoing efforts to extradite Dora Ryan from New Zealand.