23 Feb 2021

Aerosol chemist explains importance of face masks

From First Up, 5:51 am on 23 February 2021

The Prime Minister announced yesterday that face masks are now mandatory on public transport for the whole country at levels one and two. Bus drivers are being asked to encourage passengers to wear a face covering, but they will not be mandated to stop people getting on board since they may be exempt. Taxi and Uber drivers, meanwhile, will be required to wear a mask but their passengers won't, although they are encouraged to wear a face covering. People will be able to remove face coverings to eat or drink, and children under 12 are exempt, as are people with medical conditions that prevent them wearing one safely. Nathan Rarere spoke with a man with perhaps a better idea than anyone else in the country why face masks are so important: aerosol chemist Dr Joel Rindelaub from the University of Auckland.