11 Feb 2021

Thousands book goats to butt into Zoom calls

From First Up, 5:37 am on 11 February 2021

Zoom call too boring? Want to see if everyone is really listening?

For a mere $10 you can have a goat from Cronkshaw fold farm 'butt' into your Zoom call and thousands of people around the world are dialling in,

Our producer Ellie Jay talked to farm owner Dot McCarthy and a couple of the internet's newest viral goat stars about how they're raising money for sustainable gear in a very inventive way...

You can get a goat to deliver a message too - especially for valentines day - engagements etc and they will write your message on a piece of goat friendy paper and then the paper shows on screen and after everyone has read the note, it is eaten by a goat of your choice: