29 Jan 2021

Returnee thoughts of MiQ Day 4 and new rules from Day 12

From First Up, 5:47 am on 29 January 2021

Our managed isolation hotels have come under scrutiny this week following revelations a Northland woman and two other guests tested positive for Covid-19 after leaving Auckland's Pullman Hotel.

The community cases and investigation into how the guests contracted the South African strain of the disease means that all returnees will now have to stay in their rooms after receiving their day 12 test until the end of their stay in quarantine. One of our visual journalist Simon Rogers has just returned to New Zealand from Australia.

He's currently on day 4 of his stay at a managed isolation facility.. so because he's got plenty of time on his hands we've dialled him up early to find out what the rest of his stay might look like.

He sent us this video of his hotel room: