25 Jan 2021

Statistician on how NZ can stay on top in test cricket champs

From First Up, 5:33 am on 25 January 2021

For New Zealand's cricket fans, this summer will be remembered as perhaps the finest in our history with Kane Williamson's men jumping to the top of the world test rankings. But we haven't been allowed to completely bask in our team's success ... even as we watched Australia get beaten by an injury-hit Indian team. Despite being number one with their season now over, if certain results DON'T go New Zealand's way we might still miss out on the Test Championship final, which happens in June. So which nations do we need to get behind to give New Zealand the best chance of making it to Lords? And will we actually be asked to cheer on the Aussies? Nathan Rarere asked University of Auckland doctoral candidate and cricket stats afficianado Oliver Stevenson.