2 Dec 2020

Four day working week sounds good but has complications

From First Up, 5:36 am on 2 December 2020

A Wellington based employment law specialist says that a four-day working week sounds great, but it's not without complication. New Zealand employees of global consumer giant Unilever are the latest to trial the concept in this country. The international firm will use Kiwi workers as a test run for a four-day working week, starting next Monday, and if successful it will be rolled out to 155-thousand of its workers around the world. We sent our reporter Ella Stewart out in Auckland rush hour to find out what day people would most like off and if they thought working a four day week would make us more productive. Chris Scarrott of the Cullen Law Firm told our reporter Tracy Neal that for a company to go ahead with a 4 day week, a couple of things would need a re-think - the first being holiday pay.