28 Oct 2020

Healthcare sector working to reduce carbon emissions

From First Up, 5:47 am on 28 October 2020

The climate emergency is seeing workplaces across the country changing their ways to try and reduce carbon emissions, and many healthcare workers are finding novel and innovative ways to ensure they do their part. The healthcare sector contributes an estimated 8 per cent to the country's total greenhouse gas emissions, with hospitals producing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste each year and vast emissions produced in the procurement of pharmaceuticals. And - as you can imagine - Covid hasn't helped due to the millions of PPE items that need to be disposed of and replaced. To tackle the issue, many DHBs have formed environmental steering groups to identify where the problems lie, and how things can be improved. One of the doctors at the forefront of Auckland District Health Board's efforts is anaesthetist Dr Marty Minehan. He spoke with Nathan Rarere.