Meet local hero 86 year old Māori warden Peggy Hughes

From First Up, 5:46 am on 4 September 2020

Meet a local town hero from Auckland's Northshore - 86-year-old Māori Warden Peggy Hughes.

Peggy has been serving in her community as a volunteer for about 60 years and officially as a Māori Warden for almost 50 years.

She's won dozens of awards for her services - from working at the 1981 Springbok tour protests, supporting Christchurch residents after the 2011 earthquakes, serving at many memorable Waitangi Day events to the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

With Auckland at Alert Level 2.5 she wasted no time getting back on the beat so Cameraman Simon Rogers and First Up's Indira Stewart visited her at her home before one of her shifts.

It took a lot of convincing for Peggy to agree to being interviewed as she is not a fan of media and wasn't afraid to tell Simon and Indira that either.