7 Aug 2020

Merepereka Raukauwa-Tait on damning Oranga Tamariki report: "I'm over them."

From First Up, 5:52 am on 7 August 2020

'The most damning report of all I have read' - that's the reaction of one Maori leader to the latest Oranga Tamariki report by the Chief Ombudsman. He Take Kohukihuki, A Matter of Urgency, found Oranga Tamariki was routinely taking newborns without whanau consultation, using emergency court orders It found that in most cases, Oranga Tamariki knew about the child before it was born, which was the best time to engage parents, whanau, and other parties. Despite this, decisions were often made late, without expert advice or scrutiny and without whanau involvement. That resulted in other options going only partially explored, and in almost all cases, a without-notice uplift application was made. The Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency Chair, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, has long been concerned with the agency's conduct and she joined Indira.