21 Jul 2020

Resignations a worry for National's new leader Judith Collins

From First Up, 5:45 am on 21 July 2020

The National Party MP, Andrew Falloon will not be seeking re-election in September, amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour. Last night it was revealed by a source that Mr Falloon had allegedly sent indecent images to a person, who was not his wife, on at least one occassion, whilst under the influence of alcohol. The Prime Minister's office was told about the situation last week. RNZ understands Mr Falloon yesterday returned to his electorate and in a statement National Leader Judith Collins, who declined to be interviewed at all on the situation, said Mr Falloon was facing "significant mental health issues". It's another devastating blow to the already embattled National Party, which has been plagued by resignations in recent months. Indira discussed how it has all been handled with political commentator and researcher, Dr Bryce Edwards.