18 Mar 2020

Flyer designed to help coronavirus self isolators

From First Up, 5:34 am on 18 March 2020

As thousands of people start, continue or expect to go into isolation, one Wellington woman is trying to make it easier to get help.

Consultant Meena Kadri decided to design a flyer that can be printed or shared online by people willing to help those who are in self-isolation. 

Incorporating te reo Māori, it's been already been shared widely on social media since it was posted yesterday.

She told RNZ reporter Logan Church it was a conversation with Mt Victoria community hub community coordinator Trish Given that lead to the idea. 

Given showed her a flyer from the UK and with a background as a designer, Kadri offered to make a New Zealand version.

The flyer can be dropped into neighbour’s letterboxes to offer help if they’re self-isolating.

It has space for your contact details and tick boxes for helpful things that you can provide; picking up shopping, running errands, a phone call.

“My hope is that people don’t feel alone and don’t feel actually isolated, even though they’re physically isolated,” says Kadri.

“I also hope that people who are well feel it provides them with an avenue to help.”

It’s about igniting a positive conversation, she says.