9 Mar 2020

GP's call on Health Ministry for clear guidance on Covid-19

From First Up, 5:51 am on 9 March 2020

Well as Doctor Lance O'Sullivan just said - there's confusion among health professionals on the ground Now GP's across the country are calling on the Ministry of Health to give clearer guidance on how frontline staff are expected to tackle COVID-19 cases. It comes as dozens of health staff are now in isolation after contact with two of the country's confirmed cases which led to General Practice New Zealand appealing to the ministry for clarification on what to do when staff catch Covid-19 and practices are affected. They're calling on the Ministry to come up with a coordinated National plan of emergency. Joining me now is Dr Maryann Heather - who's a GP at South Seas in Otara and a Senior Lecturer of Pacific Health at Auckland University.