2 Mar 2020

Microbiologist concerned 5 days sick leave not enough

From First Up, 5:54 am on 2 March 2020

Staying on Covid-19 - a microbiologist is concerned New Zealand's standard five day sick leave entitlement could stop people taking the required time off to combat or recover from the virus. On Friday the first case was diagnosed here, the patient, who is in a stable condition and is in Auckland City Hospital - had recently flown in from Iran, via Bali. All 18 passengers who sat in the rows directly in front and behind the person on Emirates flight EK450 to Auckland on Wednesday are now in self-isolation. However, news of the first case here led to some panic buying in supermarkets across the country over the weekend - with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and flour among the most popular items. Joining me now in studio to discuss this is Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Associate Professor in the Medical Depatment at the University of Auckland.