24 Feb 2020

Jacinda Arden wears kiwi fashion brand on TIME magazine

From First Up, 5:51 am on 24 February 2020

A kiwi fashion brand say they're thrilled after seeing Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern grace the cover of TIME magazine in a silk top they made her 2 and a half years ago The March 2nd issue marks a year since the Christchurch terror attack - with a photograph of Ms Ardern, wearing a white blouse while looking to the right of the camera, with the words 'know us by our deeds'. Some might think being on the cover of a global magazine would be worthy of purchasing a new outfit for. But not for Ms Ardern - she instead chose to wear a three-year-old silk blouse from Ingrid Starnes, something the kiwi brand has celebrated. Co-founder and managing director Simon Pound began by telling me the history of the top....