18 Feb 2020

The Migrant Zine Collective

From First Up, 5:32 am on 18 February 2020

The Migrant Zine collective are an Auckland based group who make 'activist zines'.

This month they are holding a pop-up exhibition to showcase their Zine library and encourage new members to join, make their own zines and talk about the experience of Migrants of colour in Aotearoa.

First Up producer Ellie Jay went to Auckland's Karangahape road on a Saturday afternoon where members of the Migrant Zine collective have set up for a workshop called 'Diaspora diaries.'

The group's pop-up showcase will be at Strange goods on Karanghape road till the end of February, 

And if you are interested in submitting your work or joining, the group are looking for submissions for the next zine, a project called Subtitles, details on their website and Facebook page.