24 Jan 2020

How the Kiwifruit got its name

From First Up, 5:38 am on 24 January 2020

Where did the name kiwifruit come from for Chinese gooseberries? That question has been back in the spotlight with the death of an American fruit importer Frieda Caplan who was known as the Kiwi Queen. Obituaries said Frieda, who died aged 96 in California this week, coined the term in 1962. But that's not quite true says Lisa Truttman, the President of the New Zealand History Federation. In fact it was a New Zealander, Jack Turner the managing director of Turners and Growers. He was talking to another Californian importer, Ziel and Company, headed by Norman Zondad, about changing the name. And Frieda Caplan's part was to take the name and run with it - massively. Lisa Truttman explains it all to our Rurals reporter Eric Frykberg.