20 Jan 2020

HUHA team helping sick and injured animals in NSW fires

From First Up, 5:51 am on 20 January 2020

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Volunteers wanting to help wildlife affected by the devastating Australian bushfires are descending on the country - but according to one New Zealander who's helping, up until recently there's been little in the way of strategy or planning. Carolyn Press-McKenzie from Helping You Help Animals has taken a team of veterinary staff, builders and more over to New South Wales, where they've been helping out at a kangaroo sanctuary in Wandandian. It's been a bit of uphill battle for the Carolyn, who told First Up's Lydia Batham there was a lot of mistrust about the help they were offering on their arrival - and that she's now working with other organisations to make sure there's good plans in place when they leave.