11 Dec 2019

Managing risks with our natural, dangerous tourism attractions

From First Up, 5:23 am on 11 December 2019

Questions are being raised about how to manage the risks associated with New Zealand's natural and sometimes dangerous tourism attractions. Negative coverage about the safety of New Zealand's tourism sector can affect the industry, which directly added more than 16-million dollars to the economy, in the year to March, in addition to an indirect contribution of more than 11 billion. More than 8 percent of New Zealand's workforce is directly employed by the tourism sector, including 6 percent of Whakatane's. The senior economist at economic think tank, Infometrics, Brad Olsen, says the tourism sector is resilient and will bounce back, but Whakatane will be doing it tough in the short term, as well as potential to affect the wider Bay of Plenty region.