4 Dec 2019

First Up's Daily Quiz Wednesday 4 December

From First Up, 5:57 am on 4 December 2019

Today's installment of the First Up quiz!

1/. What is the Latin word for "elsewhere"? Meaning someone was elsewhere when an event happened?

2/. How much has former Wallaby Israel Folau increased his damages claim against Rugby Australia by?

3/. What is the unit used for measuring the fineness of yarns, especially in stockings and tights?

4/. What is the meaning of "Pi" in maths?

5/. In which much-told legend, does a magician sell his soul to the Devil?


** SPOILER ALERT- Yesterday's answers below**


1/.  What sort of woollen headgear was named after a battle in the Crimean War?

2/.  Which year (in figures) is displayed by the seven Roman numerals listed in descending order?
(1666 - MDCLXVI)

3/. What has embattled Maltese PM Joseph Muscat said he will do this week?
(Step down from office - amid the mounting crisis over an investigation into the murder of anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.)

4/.  What is a Scalene triangle?
(A triangle with no equal sides or angles) 

5/.  What year did the first Boeing 747 (Jumbo jet) make the inaugural flight from Seattle to New York with 191 reporters and photographers on board?