3 Dec 2019

Samoan Victim Support quarantines children amid measles crises

From First Up, 5:50 am on 3 December 2019

A Victim Support group in Samoa is having to quarantine children in their care as the country struggles to deal with a measles crisis. The Samoan government announced yesterday that most government employees will take Thursday and Friday off to help with the mass immunization programme, and the government is moving towards having vaccinations permanently mandatory. Campus of Hope is a home for children who are victims of domestic and sexual abuse. It has large play areas, schools and dormitories. But having large numbers of kids together creates an extreme risk of measles spreading. And that risk is heightened given most of the 53 who have died in Samoa are children. Lina Chang, of Samoan Victim Support Group, spoke to our reporter Logan Church outside the front gates, which have been locked shut now for weeks - no one in, or out.