31 Oct 2019

Christchurch City Council plan to introduce water restrictions

From First Up, 5:28 am on 31 October 2019

There is still a month to go before summer, but the Christchurch City Council is already planning to introduce water restrictions - and there is no end in sight for chlorination. Water is a contentious subject in Christchurch. The council started adding chlorine to the city's pure drinking water in May last year, due to concerns that some of the city's wells were at risk of contamination. The council wanted that chlorine out in a year, but delays as well as tighter rules from the government means that much of the city water is still chlorinated and upgrade work is ongoing. Last summer water restrictions were put in place so more wells could be taken offline and upgraded. And this year, the council wants to do the same. Logan Church spoke to the Christchurch City Council's head of Three Waters and Waste Helen Beaumont.