9 Oct 2019

Child of jailed parents stands for San Francisco attorney

From First Up, 5:52 am on 9 October 2019

A man whose parents were imprisoned when he was a toddler is standing for the role of San Francisco District Attorney in a bid to transform the state's criminal justice system. Chesa Boudin was 14 months old when his parents dropped him to a babysitter and drove the getaway car in a New York robbery which ended in the deaths of two police officers and a security guard. Chesa's father was sentenced to 75 years in prison and his mother 20 years. Chesa was brought up by family friends and went to Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship where he earned two masters degrees. One in Forced Migration and one in Public policy. He graduated from Yale Law School in 2011 and now at 38, has his sights set on winning November's election for San Francisco District Attorney. Indira asked him how his experiences had shaped his life.