7 Oct 2019

Native Voices: Art opens the Tuia 250 commemorations

From First Up, 5:24 am on 7 October 2019

Tuia 250 ki Turanga kicked off over the weekend in Gisborne - with a range of events acknowledging Pacific voyagers and learning about Aotearoa's whole history. One of those events, separate to Tuia 250 was an exhibition, Native Voices: Ko au Ko matau, by 42 Maori artists from Turanga. It offered a platform to challenge and respond to the 250th Cook commemorations. Some of the art included, a sculpture of the fingers to the endeavour, a portrait of Captain Cook with a speech bubble saying we come in peace and a thought bubble which says shoot to kill. Mani Dunlop spoke to one of the artist's Randal Leach about what role the exhibition is playing.