11 Sep 2019

Bryce Edwards: the buck stops with PM and Labour President

From First Up, 5:54 am on 11 September 2019

Pressure is building for Labour President Nigel Harworth to resign following allegations he was made aware of sexual assault claims about a Labour staffer weeks ago. Last night, a man told Checkpoint he had been verbally and physically abused by the staffer including incidents when he was shoved against a wall. The man supported a woman's claims on the Spinoff earlier in the week saying he told Mr Harworth and a committee verbally and via email about an alleged assault by the staff member. And whilst the Prime Minister says the first she knew of the sexual assault was when she read the Spinoff, political commentator Bryce Edwards says that's not good enough. He told our producer Lydia Batham, the buck stops with the Prime Minister and Mr Harworth.