20 Aug 2019

Where is Southern Response CEO Anthony Honeybone?

From First Up, 5:48 am on 20 August 2019

Where is Southern Response CEO Anthony Honeybone? It's a question being asked by Christchurch's legal fraternity after a precedent-setting High Court judgment released on Friday revealed the organisation had misled and deceived customers Karl and Alison Dodds leaving them hundreds of thousands of dollars shortchanged. Justice Gendall ruled against Southern Response after it was revealed it had a policy of producing two different detailed repair analysis figures, or DRAs, which outlined the costs of rebuilding or repairing a customer's home. It meant the Doddses accepted a lower offer in 2013, not knowing about a higher repair figure that Southern Response kept secret from them. That ruling, pending an appeal, could impact on thousands of other homeowners. And as Logan Church reports, it has lawyers acting for fed-up Southern Response customers, wondering who should be held accountable.