15 Aug 2019

"It should never have happened" - National's David Bennett on alleged gunman's letter

From First Up, 5:54 am on 15 August 2019

The Department of Corrections has apologised to victims of the attacks for allowing the accused man to send a letter to a supporter overseas that was then posted online. The alleged gunman wrote the six-page letter in July and sent it to a man in Russia who posted on the 4chan website on Tuesday. In a statement, Corrections said it should have withheld the letter and it's now changed the way it manages the accused gunman's mail. Mr Davis declined to be interviewed on Checkpoint last night but in the statement said the department has never had to manage a prisoner like the alleged gunman before and he has made it clear to his department this can never happen again. Speaking from Tuvalu, the Prime Minister also said the letter should never have been sent. National's Corrections spokesperson is David Bennett