22 Jul 2019

The Upper Hutt teen who's saving Kaimanawa horses

From First Up, 5:46 am on 22 July 2019

Kaimanawa horses are wild horses that roam the high country of the North Island's central plateau. They are an introduced species and every year there is a muster to keep the wild herd down to 300.

Whilst charities try and find homes for mustered horses, those that can't be rehomed have to be culled. Clara Haines has taken in a number of Kaimanawa horses from the muster, She's only 19 years old and this year has taken on five kaimanawas to settle in before some will be sent to new owners,

Visual journalist Ana Tovey went to visit Clara and her horses at her home near Upper Hutt to find out what it takes to break in a Kaimanawa horse.