16 Jul 2019

Who's Up at 5am? Waiariki MP Tamati Coffey

From First Up, 5:55 am on 16 July 2019

If you're a parent - or you've been around newborn babies - broken sleep and early mornings is something that won't be new to you. Many of our listeners at this hour are gym-goers, shift workers, MPs off to the airport to catch the first flights of the day...but some of our listeners are parents with newborns who are up for early morning feeds, burping and the like. For our 'Who's Up' segment this morning - we're joined by Labour MP for Waiariki Tamati Coffey - who's not only out on a mission changing the world, he's also now changing lots of nappies. Tamati and his partner Tim Smith have welcomed a new addition to their family.