9 Jul 2019

Fighting obesity at grass roots level in South Auckland

From First Up, 5:49 am on 9 July 2019

A group of inspiring South Aucklanders are beating diabetes and obesity - and say they're getting their lives back - with the help of a man who's been there, done that. Counties Manukau DHB says its under severe pressure from the obesity crisis in the area and is calling for help from the government. Former boxer, Dave Letele's, on the front line of the fight and say the DHB needs to look at what's working at the grass roots. Dave, aka the Brown Butterbean, lost a hundred kilos three years ago and now helps others to do the same. Those taking part love that he understands what it's like to start from scratch. Rowan Quinn took a visit to his BBM studio, for a class called Heavyweight Champs, and spoke to people making huge changes in their lives