28 Jun 2019

Rising Kiwi music star on Grammy Award winner's album

From First Up, 5:54 am on 28 June 2019

As a young girl growing up in West Auckland, Andrea Lisa never thought she'd one day tour with Grammy award-winning artists around the world.

But that's exactly the dream she's now living.

"I started singing apparently from the time I was born and I started playing the guitar when I was like 14 and a half, when I started I just went all in," she said.

Ms Lisa started a band in 2011 which had performance contracts all over the world. 

It's what led her to meet twelve-time Grammy nominated artist, and Grammy winner, Kirk Whalum.

He was so impressed when he heard her music that he asked her if he could feature one of her songs on his upcoming album.

"I flipped out...he's actually one my favourite musicans, like, of all time."

She and Whalum recorded the song Get Your Wings Up - a song about learning to fly yourself before trying to fix others.

"When I was like maybe 19 years old, my mum pulled me aside and said 'Hey, I know you like to take all of the birds with the broken wings, and you try to fix them' and she's talking about my friends,. She said, you need to make sure that you are strong and make sure that you can fly before you try and fix the little broken birds."

It's something she feels like she didn't apply to her life for years, and kept getting burnt, until she recorded the song with Whalum.

"That experience really gave me a lot of confidence and confirmation that this is what I'm meant to do, music and songwriting... I decided to put myself first for the first time."