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Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary gallery, Lake Street Dive and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet


Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary gallery presents: Model World, A Delicate Balance and IOIOIOIOIOIO reviewed by Janet McAllister, Lake Street Dive by Amy Jansen and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet by Carrie Rae Cunningham.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

Images from left: Judy Millar. Model World: Images: Judy Millar, studio view. A Delicate Balance: Will Ngakuru Tilt 2014, installation view detail. Courtesy Govett - Brewster Art Gallery. Photo Bryan James. IOIOIOIO: Image: Tracey Tawhiao & George Nuku. Lake Street Dive: Bridget Kearney, Mike Olsen, Rachael Price, Mike Calabrese. Photograph: Jarod McCabe.