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8.05 Helen Scales: Mysteries of the Deep 

We know a lot less than we think about the deep oceans of the world. It's been a source of fascination for humans since we first saw the ocean, and understanding it properly is now more important than ever as the climate changes. 

Marine Biologist Helen Scales' new book The Brilliant Abyss takes about the deepest dive it is possible to take into the depths of the world's seas. 

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Photo: Helen Scales

8.30 Going Medieval: The history of plagues 

Self isolation, plague, closed borders, quarantine. These are all words we've become very familiar with over the past year, but they have their roots in plagues of the past.  Historian and medievalist Dr Eleanor Janega runs the Going Medieval blog and podcasts her way around the world, looking into the past.

She somehow fits this all in around teaching and lecturing as well. She made time for us to talk about just how medieval the modern moment is. 

A group of Venetians dressed up like old doctors at the time when in Venice there was the plague, celebrate the end of the Venice Carnival, despite the facts it has been stopped on Sunday due to Coronavirus.

Photo: Giacomo Cosua/NurPhoto/AFP

8:50 Age just a number at the Surfing Masters

The 28th Fisher and Paykel Easter Masters' Surfing Championships have just come to a close in Taranaki. Karyn speaks to the oldest competitor in New Zealand Adrian Pickering. He's been competing in the Masters since 1996 and is still game to catch a wave. 

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Photo: Surfing Masters

9.05 Robin Hammond: capturing a pandemic  

Award winning New Zealand photographer Robin Hammond has just landed again on New Zealand soil. He's been documenting the quarantine process while also still working with aid organisation Witness Change to try and keep global attention on hotspots of conflict and extreme inequality. 

He joins Karyn to talk, photographs, fatherhood and landing back in Aotearoa camera in hand. 

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Photo: Robin Hammond

9.30 Adrian Sutherland - Gardening to an autumn moon 

What do we plant at this time of year in different parts of the country? And what problems might we be running into? Gardener Adrian Sutherland runs the thriving Facebook page One Minute Gardening and is constantly trying to get people involved in getting their hands dirty in the garden. He joins Karyn to talk about the immense potential of this time of year. 

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Photo: supplied

10:45 Christian Nicolson - Ready 2 Roll 

Artist Christian Nicolson has a new exhibition opening soon at Art by the Sea Gallery in Takapuna in Auckland called "Ready to Roll: the Kiwi Music I Grew Up With". He joins Karyn to talk about re-exploring the world of his youth through a TV show that shaped the world of his formative years. 

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Photo: Christian Nicholson

10.05 Anthony Phelps - NZ Punk 

A new book has been published looking at the history of the punk scene in Auckland in the 20th century. From AK79 to the Class of 81 tracks the world of the punk scene through the eyes of the then young photographer Anthony Phelps. Karyn and Anthony look back on a world they both had close contact with. 

From AK79 to the Class of 81 by Anthony Phelps book cover

From AK79 to the Class of 81 by Anthony Phelps book cover Photo: supplied

10.30 David Mountain: the mistakes of history 

David Mountain is a writer, speaker and editor based in Edinburgh in Scotland and has recently published his first book: "Past Mistakes: How We Misinterpret History and Why It Matters". He's on a mission to try and work out why we make such big errors about understanding the past, and why we're so keen to hold on to our ignorance. 

He joins Karyn to look at what he sees as the big hits of historical misconception. 

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Photo: David Mountain

10.45 Helen McNamara​: Autumnal kai gluts 

Is a glut of fejoas, apples and pears starting to put a strain on the fruit bowls? Never fear, Helen McNamara from the Hawkes Bay culinary institute The Cook and Grow Project is here to help with the autumn bounty. 

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Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles

11.06 The Through Line 

Karyn goes on a journey through the world of music from one artist to another. Today Karyn is starting with New Zealand composer and musician Louisa Nicklin. Who knows where we'll get to from there! 

Louisa Nicklin's new single The Residue

Louisa Nicklin's new single The Residue Photo: Annamarie Ott


Louisa Nicklin
"Water Around Her"

Rodger Fox Big Band 
"Wandering Eye"

Southside of Bombay
"What's the Time Mr Wolf?"

"Dear John" (1981 advertisement for BASF Tape)

Monte Video and the Cassettes
"Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang"

"Out of the Moon"


"Every You, Every Me"

Aztec Camera
"Back on Board"

The Fall
"It's The New Thing"

The Fall

Percy Grainger
"Irish Tune from County Derry"