Each week on Country Life, you can meet the people who do the hard work bringing New Zealand's primary produce to the world

And you can share the passion of small town communities doing things they love

Our team does what radio does best - using natural sound to bring stories alive.

And we have eye-catching web stories with video and great photos of the stories of the people we meet. You can find us on social media, the web, podcasts and, of course, radio.

Our producers are in the field getting the nitty gritty rural stories.

Country Life gets around the country. Our producers visit around 90 places a year.

We have been focusing recently on the future of farming and sustainability in the world of agriculture.

More people listen to Country Life than any other radio programme in its timeslot across NZ. Each week more than 150,000 people tune in.

Country Life has been out and about with rural New Zealand for 25 years now and is still going strong.