9:05 Intro and Guest

On farm fix-it-man Allan Kennett of Kennett's Agricultural Engineering in Leeston, Canterbury.

9:10 Regional Wrap

All through the North Island farmers and growers are feeling pretty confident as a slow start to winter sees good grass growth and good returns on the fruit harvest. In the South Island pip fruit harvesting is coming to an end and rams are being put out for mating.

9:15 Rooting for wasabi

Fenton Wood grows wasabi in tunnel houses near Lake Ellesmere in Canterbury. His business is aptly named Pure Wasabi and the processing of the 'rhizome' or root-like stem is done on site.

9:30 A not so odd rural job

Farm consultants Bob Thompson and Gareth Baynham service clients in Northland. They see themselves as part of a farming team and are stimulated by the range of roles the job offers.

9:40 Sheep Heaven - The naming of a flock

Sheep Heaven is back with a new young ram to mate the flock of 12 ewe lambs. These young girls also get named and apparently there's some link between them and the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic netball team...