12 Feb 2024

Auckland train commuters outraged as heat closes lines

From Checkpoint, 5:06 pm on 12 February 2024

Thousands of Auckland train commuters are having to find an alternative way home this afternoon with services cancelled because of 'heat' affecting the railway lines.

Services on the Eastern, Western, and Southern lines have been cancelled since 1:00pm today, and will remain out of action until 8:00pm tonight.

It's reported that the track in Otahuhu reached an astonishing 48 degrees.

Kiwi Rail said trains have to travel slower over these areas, due to the risk the track may have been misaligned by the high temperatures expanding the rail length.

The restrictions are put in place once the steel rails reach 40 degrees.

Reporter Louise Ternouth has just spoken to commuters at Britomart Station.