29 Jun 2017

Weetbix vs Weetabix

From Checkpoint, 6:20 pm on 29 June 2017

A Christchurch shop owner who has had a Weetabix shipment detained by Customs says she should be allowed to sell the UK cereal.

Sanitarium had the Weetabix shipment, destined for a British speciality store, detained - claiming it was a trademark violation because the name is too similar to its Weetbix breakfast cereal. 

A Little Bit of Britain co-owner Lisa Wilson said Sanitarium would only release the Weetabix if the name was crossed out, but she did not believe she should have to do that.

Ms Wilson said the shop sold about seven boxes of Weetabix a day to expats, and it was not trying to steal customers from Sanitarium as its cereal had a completely different taste.