22 Aug 2016

Helen Kelly on why she uses medicinal cannabis

From Checkpoint, 6:13 pm on 22 August 2016

Terminally ill former Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly says access to medicinal cannabis is a very personal issue.

A recent poll showed growing levels of support for easing up on cannabis laws, and overwhelming support for greater access to medicinal cannabis. 

Ms Kelly has cancer and uses cannabis for pain relief. 

She said she had been taking the drug in oil pills, as a rubbing tincture, and in small portions as a leaf under the tongue.

"A person contacted me about her mother who couldn't really get out of bed. Totally good brain, body, but [she had] arthritis. Used it, got up."

"So it's this mild, low-key, cheap medicine being denied. 

"And people are running around in the back lots trying to get hold of the product, it's absolutely insane."  



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