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AT THE MOVIES #761                   HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?

Simon Morris wonders how much background research you need to do on some of today’s movies.  Do you need to know all about a forgotten comic-book, the link between the eight mini-stories in a New Zealand film, or the original of a horror film remake?

Vai – from the producers of Waru – offers another eight short stories directed by women, this time set on eight Pacific Islands.

Shazam is a revival of an old comic-book originally, confusingly, entitled Captain Marvel.  Young Billy Batson turns into a superhero by simply uttering the magic word “Shazam!”

And a revival of the popular horror film, based on a Stephen King novel – Pet Sematary.  An abandoned tribal burial ground offers a way out for a grieving family.  But sometimes, dead is better.  Starring John Lithgow.