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AT THE MOVIES #750                   WE KNOW WHAT WE LIKE

Simon Morris notices a split between the critics and the public when it comes to picking hits.

And he previews a film about a writer loved by both factions – until it all came crashing down.

Sorry to bother you is a surreal satire about capitalism that seems to rejoice in its “cult” status.  Directed by Boots Riley and starring Lakeith Stabfield (Get out).

Creed 2 continues the story of Rocky Balboa and the son of his friend Apollo Creed. Adonis Creed is challenged by tbe son of the man who killed his father.  Stars Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan and Dolph Lundgren.

And Rupert Everett talks about writing, directing and starring in The Happy Prince, the story of the last months of the life of Oscar Wilde.