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12:40 Wallace Art Exhibition - 20 Paramount Award Winner Exhibition

Dr Peter Shand assesses the exhibition that brings together for the first time the first 20 winners of the country’s longest running art award.

The exhibition can be viewed on Artsdiary.

Image trophy scaled
Terry Stringer, Wallace Art Awards Paramount Award Trophy, Bronze, 145 x 125 x 92 mm

12.50 New Zealand on Screen

As the debate over the future and quality of free-to-air TV, and the demise of TVNZ7 continues, Trisha Dunleavy assesses the New Zealand film and television industries, in terms of their creative and cultural impact.

1:00 At The Movies attempts to convey the flavour of The Artist, despite the fact it’s a silent film

1:33 Listener’s pick 

A 1940s movie which Reg Turner describes as a love story that remains unequalled… see if you agree.

Louise Tu u1:40 Providence

Writer, director and curator Louise Tu’u (right) about creating community-based work and bringing back her play about those who live on the streets.

1:50 Musician Johnny Clegg

The “white Zulu” describes life for a mixed-race band in 1982 South Africa.

Johnny Clegg
Johnny Clegg.

Elisabeth Easther2:00 The Laugh Track

Actress, writer and well-known supermarket ad Mum Elisabeth Easther (right).

2:25 Lima Dance

Contemporary dance is fairly foreign territory for those from the Pacific Island community, and remains largely outside of the vocabulary of PI youth. But with the help of Lima Dance in Auckland, and its founder Olivia Taouma  that’s all starting to change. Sonia Sly  was recently in Auckland and gets a lesson in Krump 101, and discovers there’s a whole lot of talent about to be unleashed in Lima Dance’s new production – Mixed Nuts 2: Underworld.

Video: Lima Productions on YouTube

Image courtesy of Lima DanceImage Courtesy of Lima Dance

Images courtesy of Lima Dance.

2:30 Ice Blink

Anne Noble has just released a book of photographs taken during three trips to Antarctica. She’s also about to open an exhibition, Bitch in Slippers, with fellow Antarctica visitor, author Lloyd Jones.

Gallery: Images from Ice Blink

Anne Noble by Ruby Gray
Anne Noble by Ruby Gray.

2:50 Wild Bride

Audrey Brisson travelled the world as a child with Cirque Du Soleil, was directed by Clint Eastwood in the movie Hereafter, and is now heading to New Zealand to appear in a show based on a Grimms Fairy story about a child sold to the devil by her father.

3:00 The Sunday Drama

When Sun and Moon Collide by Briar Grace-Smith – a sometimes comic, small town tale of separated kids, dark deeds and fierce retribution.